Norda: Norda makes his Warner Music debut with Need Some Space

In the Spotify Bio von North is a single sentence – and it is not his own, but borrowed from a not entirely unknown colleague: “The goal is to try and make the perfect song. Which of course will never happen,” he quotes Coldplay frontman Chris Martin as saying. And yet that one sentence says more about Norda than meets the eye. First of all, he shows that the DJ and producer from North Rhine-Westphalia doesn’t swing big speeches, preferring to let his music speak for itself, but all the more powerfully, with future house bangers, who already give him a monthly Spotify audience of almost 400k brought in. Second, the use of the Chris Martin quote shows that Norda likes to put other artists’ art in a new context, which is also reflected in his official remixes, such as Alan Walker’s hit “Play” or Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch”. . And last but not least, the quote testifies to the ambitious endeavor to make the perfect song – a goal that Norda comes a good deal closer to with his new single “Need Some Space”.

The song marks his debut with Warner Music and was written in close collaboration with the songwriter B Martin from Los Angeles and the young producer and singer Old people, who comes from Norda’s hometown of Lippstadt. In “Need Some Space” singer-songwriter sensibility meets driving beats. The result is an emotional banger that revolves around a love that has passed but has by no means been processed, that keeps pushing its way into the protagonist’s life unlovably and, on top of that, mostly at an inopportune time: “3 o’clock in the morning / you make my hotline bling / and I keep ignoring / hoping it resonates / whenever you’re calling / I just need some space,” sings Jay Masonwhose warm, full voice enters into a perfect symbiosis with the yearning guitars and danceable beats of Norda and Senes’ production.

“All of your phases and all of your problems / You love to blame me when really you cause them / It’s always the same thing / It’s making me noxious”, the protagonist finally swims free and clarifies: “I can’t take your call today”. And so the phone rings and rings and rings – just like this song doesn’t let you go so quickly and lingers in your ear canals for a long time. There is this below Lyric Video to see the song.


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