No Video in Ring App/Unable to Connect to Camera on Ring Device – Ring Help

No Video in Ring App/Unable to Connect to Camera on Ring Device – Ring Help

Can’t launch live video, can’t see video in Ring app, “Activating device” message is displayed, there may be a problem in sending and receiving data between the device and the Ring app. Please follow the steps below and try to resolve the issue.

security cameraimage is pinkIf so, try restarting the security camera from the Ring app.


Make sure ‍“Live Video‍” is turned on

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. menu (≡) then tapdeviceTap.
  3. Tap your Ring device.
  4. Device settingsTap.
  5. Video settingsTap.
  6. live videoToggle on (blue).
  7. menu (≡) then tapsettingTap.
  8. modeTap.
  9. Make sure Live Video is turned on for all modes (or related modes).

Check the wifi connection status of your mobile device

Please check the wifi connection status in the settings of your mobile device. If your wifi signal strength is not strong enough, try changing or reconnecting to your wifi network.

Check connection status between wifi router and Ring device

Even if your internet speed is good, there may be a problem with the signal strength between your Ring device and your router. Signal strength is just as important as transmission speed when transmitting video from your Ring device to the Ring app.

Check the wifi signal strength of your Ring device in the Ring app

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. menu (≡) then tapdeviceTap.
  3. ‍Select the Ring device whose signal strength you want to check.
  4. device stateTap.
  5. device stateon the screensignal strength(you’ll see it under the ‘Network’ column).
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Solution to try

Update your mobile device’s OS and Ring app to the latest version

Move your router in a cupboard or out of the back of your sofa

‍This method alone may improve your connection and device performance, so please try it.

Install by moving from behind the sofa
Take it out of the storage shelf and set it up

Move the router closer to your Ring device if possible

Signal strength due to distance between router and Ring device, home layout, interference from other devices (TV, game console, etc.), building materials in home (plaster, brick, metal, large mirrors, glass doors, etc.) If you suspect a decrease, try moving your router closer to your Ring device.

Reboot your device from the Ring app.


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