No time to die trailer – "New agents" (2021)

NO TIME TO DEAT Trailer – “New Agents” (2021) Plot: In No Time To Die, Bond has left active service and enjoys a peaceful life in Jamaica. His peace is …


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  1. I've a radical new idea for an action movie where the women aren't impossibly badass capable of beating down a dozen male tough guys single-handed. I know such movies appeal to the female ego but they are still pure fantasy. I'm weary of this movie plot of superhuman women.

  2. Yup! SJW/ Militant Feminism Intersectional Politics, Where James Bond will become 2nd Fiddle ???? and a Joke in his own movie ????!!! I WON'T be going to see ???? it !!!

    (P.S. : ????????????"Get WOKE! GO BROKE !????????????")

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