No time to die: Daniel Craig takes his 007

Daniel leaves, but takes his James Bond with him. And beyond the expectation for the new addition, the biggest problem is that it does not take the character of all life, but the one they have created from Casino Royale to the latter, “No time to die.”

The transformation of the saga has gone beyond the renovations in the characters of Q, M, Moneypenny and the hair color of 007. The James Bond who leaves is tormented by his traumas, resigned with his contradictions and even aware of his weaknesses. That a guy like that destroys international terrorist organizations has been much more interesting.

The circle is closed

“No time to die”, aware of the depth that Craig’s Bond has created, says goodbye by facing this modern Bond with a delivery of the most classic in the best sense. The result is a epic movie with surprises that shake the entire Bond universe. Of course, the new line that began with Casino Royale and reached its highest level in Skyfall, by Sam Mendes, is finished. Whatever comes, he will have to forget about Daniel Craig.

Eye! Let’s be clear. “No Time to Die” is a film with a villain with a pointed face who even has a white cat, and who hides a weapon of mass destruction on a mysterious island, where he has an inexplicably secret fortress.

But let’s not think that the film is an antique made in digital, no. This modern James Bond is decadent, from another era, but with nothing to do with its predecessors. Scarred and running from his past in his old Aston Martin. Above all the film plans the struggle between the modern and the classic. “No time to die”, in addition to a fast-paced spy movie, is a warning in the form of an opinion, which tells us that the changes are already here and that the classic is dying. That the world where James Bond was born is very different from today. And that we prepare for the new tenant, although he already proposes to someone. It’s funny that Daniel Craig represents the purest legacy of Sean Connery because it has been the most groundbreaking 007.

No Time to Die

New Bond Girl

Among the amount of tributes, symbolisms and metaphors that allude to the saga, a special agent who rivals Bond his position in MI6 emerge breaking with a lot of presence, and a spectacular Ana de Armas as a Cuban spy, and which is undoubtedly the most outstanding addition to the film, but which unfortunately does not last long and leaves us wanting to know more about it. I hope it comes back.

“No Time to Die” takes place on several continents, in deserts, forests, cities and by sea, land and air. There are explosions, chases and shots. I mean, the usual, but with something else, uin farewell continues. It lets itself be seen, entertains and can even surprise, although it is not the best of the saga and not even of Daniel Craig’s stage. In fact, sometimes, she gets very serious, or rather, very intense, when some moments of a Venezuelan or Turkish soap opera escape her after dinner.

No Time to Die

Two villains

But it is normal, and it is that Sam Mendes cinematographically set the bar very high, especially with Skyfall. Although we should not detract from Cary Joji Fukunaga, who expresses his virtuosity as a director so that the difference is as little noticeable as possible. On the other hand, movies are made more easily with such spectacular photography and with such a cast of actors. Well, some of them are out of tune. We have two villains living together. Again the youngest and most modern replaces the most classic and older. In this case, interpretively, the elder eats the modern. Both using an economy of gestures worthy of the world ultra evil character, they come out with great difference in the final note. Christoph Waltz, with hardly any text, brings a background and a mockery to his character in just a few minutes of footage. While the other villain, played by Rami Malek, does not achieve it by far. He remains in the impact of the makeup he wears, and throughout the film he does not propose anything beyond what we already understand thanks to his dialogues. Secondly, it has merit that the film is allowed to be seen for two hours with such a fragile script.


“No Time to Die” fulfills its mission to close a stage more than to improve the saga with a great film, but it still has something very important, cinema in its purest form and it shows. If you don’t see it on the big screen, you don’t fully enjoy it.


  • The visual spectacle
  • A Bond with depth
  • Plot surprises
  • Anna of Arms
  • Tributes to the saga
  • A bad guy with a white cat
  • A fast-paced, exceptional montage.
  • The irruption of them
  • Ana de Armas again
  • Daniel Craig


  • Rami Malek
  • Badly closed subplots
  • Script
  • That Daniel Craig is leaving
  • This James Bond is less interesting than the one in Skyfall
  • The fleeting appearance of Ana de Armas
  • Rami Malek again
  • The soap opera part
  • Dubbing with a French accent
  • Daniel Crag’s jacket at the London premeire

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