No research into YouTube video Acid about Reuzegommers

No research into YouTube video Acid about Reuzegommers

The public prosecutor of West Flanders will not open a judicial investigation into Acid’s video about the Reuzegommers. That writes ‘HLN’ and was confirmed to Belga. The well-known YouTuber had mentioned the names of four former members of student club Reuzegom in his videos.


Acid, the YouTube name of Nathan Vandergunst from Blankenberge, said he wanted to “cancel” the Reuzegom members because, in his opinion, they were not sufficiently punished for the death of Sanda Dia. The latter died in 2018 during a student baptism.

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The YouTuber mentioned the names of two Reuzegommers who stood trial in the case and were sentenced to community service, but also mentioned two men in the video who did not have to appear in court.

The public prosecutor of West Flanders has announced that it will not start a judicial investigation against the YouTuber. The lawyers of the Reuzegommers previously announced that they reject the video, but no complaint has been filed for the time being.

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