No more dirt on the double glass of the oven with only 1 practical and effective method

It releases the most delicious aromas of good food and contributes to healthy eating thanks to the cooking method it offers, which is lighter than others. In addition, it is a magical place to grow cakes and panettone. In short, the oven is really essential in our kitchen.

It is part of the home appliances most used and loved ever. However, its cleaning often requires a waste of time and especially energy.

To make the oven shine, also eliminating all bad smells in 5 minutes, here it is too 5 other ingenious methods not to be missed.

In addition to the traditional oven, the built-in one, so to speak, the microwave one is also very popular. A valid helper in cooking food that also requires little space. Be careful, though, because not everyone knows that these containers should never be placed in the microwave. The risk is to damage not only the appliance but also health. Therefore, it is always better to read up and know the suitable materials and those not suitable for the microwave.

On the other hand, those who love to use the double glass oven will soon have to deal with stains, encrustations, halos and opacity.
However, the oven is comfortable, practical and fast. For these reasons, despite the dirt, we will use it whenever we need it.

In addition to the “ordinary” cleaning, that is the routine one, a must to maintain optimal hygiene and health standards, washing the double glazing becomes almost a worry. A “Mission: Impossible” undertaking that we would all like to carry out successfully. In reality, with a little patience and the right advice, it will be possible to clean even the double glass of the oven flawlessly.

No more dirt on the double glass of the oven with only 1 practical and effective method

Before washing the glass, obviously, the inside of the appliance must be cleaned and degreased. In this regard, for those wishing to clean the oven without chemicals, here it is 1 only natural and inexpensive ingredient to clean the encrusted oven in less than 5 minutes.

Once the interior has been cleaned, you can devote yourself to the glass.
To degrease the glass, first of all, the door must be removed. Don’t be afraid, the door is easily released thanks to the two levers on the sides. Then, place the oven door on the table and with a sponge, water and a simple degreaser clean the entire surface well.

At this point, it will be necessary to divide the two glasses. The transition, even in this case, is really easy. With the help of a screwdriver, remove the first glass from the oven door. Place it on a surface and wash it carefully and gently. Remove all incrustations with the sponge. Rinse well and then dry with absorbent paper towels. Also clean the second glass, this time without taking it apart. Then, when both glasses are bright and without streaks, with a little patience, overlap them again, fixing them with screws. Finally, reassemble the oven door and that’s it. Therefore, in a short time we could never have more dirt on the double glass of the oven with only 1 practical and effective method.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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