Niphit mocks, planting marijuana is not wrong. Just a national juggling. Decide who planted it, prepare to go to jail.

Niphit mocks, planting marijuana is not wrong. Just a national juggling. Decide who planted it, prepare to go to jail.

On January 15, Mr. Niphit Inthasombat, a former MP for many terms in Phatthalung Write a comment In the case of news of illegal cannabis cultivation problems? which is highly controversial between the Pride Thai Party with government agencies such as P.S.A., Mr. Niphit stated that

Is marijuana really free or what is wrong with this country?

Read the news, the Bhumjaithai Party MPs announced that people can now grow marijuana without illegally. If anyone is caught, tell them and they will help. As soon as the Bhumjaithai Party gave a press conference, the deputy secretary-general of the NACC immediately countered that marijuana was still a drug. Whoever grows must be permitted under the conditions. If not allowed, they will be arrested and prosecuted immediately.

This is a national spam. Strange at this level of spasm. responsible person Since the Prime Minister is silent throughout the country Let the people face their own fate

The MPs that people choose to enter are dumb. Who are the MPs? The media try to reveal the name a bit. Then try to ask those representatives to open their mouths a bit. I think the MPs who are commissioners Some people probably don’t know much about it. went to the meeting and went to sign the meeting allowance

and people like us What to do when lawmakers and law enforcement officials have different opinions Or will we allow him to deceive us day by day? This country is strange.

I just want to warn people that don’t try the law. Human life. They don’t let me try in 2 things, medicine and law. That drug is tested on animals first until it’s safe and then used on humans. the law He didn’t let humans go in for an experiment to see if doing so would be illegal or not. Our country is weird. Let the people try the drug Here’s another trial of the law.

ask me I read that law MP, he’s out. I would like to answer briefly that Who grows marijuana for free? Prepare to go to jail. Hello!!

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