Nioh 2 Complete Edition – the official PC trailer

Check out the technical features of the PC version of the Nioh 2 Complete Edition, including 4K, HDR, 144 Hz support and more! Nioh 2 Complete Edition will be ….


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  1. Could I ask if there's the same amount of going to the same exact areas over and over again in this game in order to actually be able to play it properly?
    Cause that's pretty much gonna be the make or break of whether or not I get it.
    I don't like "Farming, the video game!"

  2. Wow. Excellent job!

    Guys are there any new mechanics in Nioh 2? or anything that differs from the first game? Also how does the coop work? Is there a larger enemy variety?


  3. The gameplay is great. Character creation feature is the best. The plot is boring. DLC is too short and the boss fight is hardly a deviation from what's in Nioh. If you're into grinding for level, equipment, build and etc, you'll love this though.
    It's an ok game for me. I enjoy Sekiro so much more.

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