Nintendo and LEGO get rid of big question marks

For the past couple of years, Nintendo and LEGO have been working together to create toys around some of the many iconic characters and consoles that the Super Mario company has built. They have already launched one NES console you can build yourself, as well as a kind the real Mario Maker set, complete with Mario characters.

Thursday the two showed off the latest addition to the project: a large question mark block with a Super Mario 64 theme. The set has 2064 pieces, costs somewhere around 1600 kroner and will be released on October 1.

Close to the outside, several worlds inside

On the outside, the block looks like a huge question mark block of the type Mario slams his head into almost all games, but it can also be opened up to show a miniature world based on some of the boards from Super Mario 64 – including the iconic Bob-omb Battlefield , Peach’s Castle and Cool, Cool Mountain.

Ten small LEGO characters are also included: Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, King Bob-omb, Chain Chomp, Big Bully, Mr I, Lakitu, a penguin mom and a baby penguin (which you can hopefully drop off the edge of the board ).

As an added bonus, those who already have the Mario and Luigi characters from the previous LEGO set can place these around the block to try to find ten hidden stars.

Below you can see a gallery with pictures showing the block.

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