Nîmes: these cycle stores that display their great dynamics

These independent cycle traders have continued a successful local story.

Cycle shops have multiplied in recent decades in Nîmes, surfing on the trend, taking advantage of an environment, a climate conducive to this practice. A real economy has thus developed.

Cycles Passieu: top of the range above all

The cycle sign Passieu created in 1977 by Mr. Passieu kept the name even if it was taken over in 2004 by David Gauthier: “I bought my first bike from Mr. Passieu, I wanted to preserve the name of the store”.

After rue de la République, the business moved eleven years ago to 2040 avenue Maréchal Juin to bounce back after the work on the trambus. “We have gained a lot from it”, says David Gautier. Passieu stands out by selling top-of-the-range road bikes for athletes: “It’s very nice material. We do the assembly à la carte. The customer can choose his frame, his wheels”. Customers come from all over the greater southern region but also from Paris.

The Passieu house was able to present its cycles during the start of the Tour de France at the Pont du Gard or during the passage of the Vuelta. History to further maintain a brand image.

Vaunage passion for bikes and tailor-made

Vaunage passion vélo was first founded in August 2007 in Calvisson (1 rue des Marchands) before opening a second store in Nîmes en Ville active (165 rue Jean Prouvé) in February 2015. According to the manager of the Nîmes business Florian Baladier: “Our bikes require a higher budget than in other brands with a quality electric range that starts at €2,200 for example.” VPV offers an à la carte wheel assembly workshop, bike rentals.

At the store, we take care of the smallest detail with postural positioning, computer monitoring, 3D help. The company even created its brand of steel frame Globins Bike produced in Taiwan. VPV offers mountain biking (electric), VTC, road bike (electric), for the city and fitness and relies mainly on three brands.

A place of exchanges at the Rebour cycles

At 41 rue Emile Never, Patrick Bastonero of cycles Backward motto with a customer behind the counter of “K is cycling”. But make no mistake: this business sells and repairs above all road, mountain and city bikes.

Created in April 1966 by Roger Rebour rue de la République, the business was taken over by Patrick Bastonero 27 years ago. This former regional cyclist wanted to set up a counter to the left of the store entrance five years ago: “I like the contact, the people. I bought a license to have this convivial side at the bar. The customers wait while having a drink, we discuss”.

In the store, 80% of the bicycles sold are electrically assisted “which makes sense because I am located in the city center.” Starting prices: €210 for a child’s bike, €400 for an adult, €300 for a city bike. Used cycles are also sold. Patrick Bastonero also carries out a lot of repairs in his store, which is still experiencing good activity.


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