Night Curfew and complete lockdown on Sunday’s in Kerala continues | Night Curfew In Kerala: Kovid review meeting decides to continue night curfew and complete lockdown on Sunday

Thiruvananthapuram: Complete lockdown on Sundays (Lockdown) Decision at Kovid Review Meeting to continue night control. Curfew from 10 pm to 6 am (Curfew). This will continue. The CM said that he would take up the matter next Tuesday and take appropriate decision.

We are the ones who are getting ready to live with Kovid. Vaccination (Vaccination) Experts see that Kovid will not leave completely even if it is completed. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan clarified that the defensive measures will be adopted. At present, WIPR has imposed lockdowns in 81 urban wards above 7 and 215 Gram Panchayat wards. The quarantine of Kovid patients is being ensured through the Rapid Response Force (RRT).

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The following details at ward level in this regard should be collected by the District Disaster Management Authorities from the Panchayats and reported daily. Information on the number of patients under house arrest, number of people under house arrest on contact basis, number of ward level contingency / micro-contamination zones, number of fines for violation of home contact ban, and number of home delivery items, including mandatory quarantine delivery.

The services of the police will be utilized to ensure that the Kovid victims stay in the quarantine at home. Violators of the quarantine will be prosecuted. Such people will not be allowed to stay at home later. They will be transferred to CFLTC. A motorcycle patrol team of the police will be deployed for such inspections at the homes of those who are positive.

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Police are investigating whether there are any facilities available for quarantine patients to stay at home on quarantine (Police) Will be checked directly. If there are no favorable conditions, action will be taken to inform the panchayat and transfer the patient to CFLTC. Police assistance will be provided if required. If it is difficult for the patients in the quarantine to get the essentials, the police will take action to deliver them. Police will also be on hand to promote home delivery from businesses.

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