Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol: “we’re accelerating! “

Mayor of Rouen, President of the Rouen Normandy Metropolis, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol gives an update on the occasion of the start of the school year.

“We got off the ground. A year later, we are accelerating! “ On the occasion of his back-to-school press conference, this Friday, September 3, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol quickly spoke of the results of his first year at the head of the city of Rouen and of the Rouen Normandy metropolis, to project himself on the months and years to come. With a very clear vision, social-ecology.

Saint-Gervais peninsula
As the Port of Rouen no longer wishes to use the peninsula as a storage area, new possibilities are opening up for this immense site.
“It will remain dedicated to hosting the Foire Saint-Romain, but we want to continue its redevelopment: the quays with a promenade, a new project for the wine cellar, and a project for a convention center. Our Metropolis needs equipment of this kind to host events of several hundred participants. This is the opportunity to offer an architectural signature to this location which is also a city entrance by the river. “

Other major projects underway, the development of the Flaubert district, investments in Hauts-de-Rouen (a new swimming pool, a social center project, etc.), the redevelopment of Cours Clemenceau as part of the route of the future T5 line .

Lacroix Island
After the modernization / extension of the ice rink, the improvements will continue on the Rouen island.
The City, the Metropolis and Voies Navigables de France (VNF) launched at the beginning of the summer a call for projects for the animation (economy, culture, leisure, sports…) of the north building of VNF. The future of the other two VNF buildings will also be the subject of a participatory process.
The river shuttle will resume service.
The development of the promenade around the island will continue.

Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol announces the launch of a reflection on the reconversion of the old aquatic center next to the Olympic basin outside the swimming pool. Squatted, visited by urban exploration enthusiasts, photographers and videographers, the site challenges and fascinates. It was even used by France TV for the filming of a documentary on Alexis Hanquinquant, the triathlete recently won gold at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. « The building is quite healthy, it is not necessary to raze it. We can set up a real center dedicated to urban sports, such as skateboarding, dancing, etc. ” The original leisure structures and the graffiti painted since the site’s disaffection will be preserved if possible. It is also an asset with a view to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, for which our territory is a rear base.

Cycling: overdrive
The Metropolis will continue to develop cycle paths. “After a first year of engineering mandate especially, we pass the overdrive! “ In particular, routes are expected on the rue d’Elbeuf / Canadiens axis, on Boulevard de l’Europe, “cycle highways” …
A major concern for cyclists, secure parking for bicycles will be developed, in car parks, or “bicycle huts” that residents may request.
Alongside infrastructure, the Metropolis is launching Lovélo, the long-term bicycle rental service. “Already 150 pre-reservations in three days, it’s a very good start. “ The service offers electrically assisted bicycles at attractive prices, pending the arrival in 2022 of cargo bikes and folding bikes.
To encourage and facilitate practice, the Metropolis and the TCAR will experiment with the bus / bike combination on the F1 line, between Rouen and Isneauville. A system for attaching the bicycle inside the vehicle will allow the user to get on and off quickly. The hours of access of the buses to the bicycles will be extended, and the journey will be free for the cyclist at the stops uphill.

“We are taking strong measures to support local businesses and develop the attractiveness of our territory. We want to attract companies and investors in the fields of ecological transition, soil decontamination, carbon-free mobility, digital technology, etc. ”


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