Nick Kyrgios reacts to a fan of his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi

Nick Kyrgios tells anyone interested in dating Costeen Hatzi that she is no longer on the market as “her dating phase is over”. Kyrgios and Hatzi have been together since the end of 2021. Under Hatzi’s latest Instagram post, an admirer commented: “Wow, can’t get enough of you.

Let us go out.”

Kyrgios replied in the comments section: “Your dating season is over (arms crossed emoji, no deal).”

Hatzi has had a very positive impact on Kyrgios’ tennis and life.

Kyrgios was joined by Hatzi for the first time during the 2022 Australian Open.

Hatzi traveled with Kyrgios for the remainder of the season. Kyrgios’ tennis has been positively impacted by Hatzi’s presence as the Australian tennis star enjoyed his best season on the tour to date. After reaching his first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon, Kyrgios admitted it’s been a very successful year for him on and off the pitch.

Kyrgios also named Hatzi as one of the main reasons for his success. “It’s been a very successful year, not just on the tennis court but in general. I feel really, really good about everything and just enjoying life.

Meeting Costeen was probably my favorite moment, probably the best thing that’s happened to me – and I owe her the year I’ve had as a highly motivated and highly pushed player. That was my favorite experience.

I just feel happier off the pitch and really try to be happy off the pitch – and it shows on the pitch. She is just the best ever and makes me feel great, believes in my tennis and believes in me off the court too.

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We have such a good relationship” said Kyrgios last year. Kyrgios has yet to appear in a tournament this year due to knee surgery. When Kyrgios returns to action, Hatzi is sure to join him.

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