Neymar showed his stomach in response to fans who scolded him for being overweight: Personalities: Values:

The Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar rebuffed fans who criticized him for being overweight on social media. The corresponding post appeared in his Instagram-account.

Over the past months, the Brazilian footballer has been repeatedly criticized for his plump figure. For this reason, on Friday, September 10, he shared a shot in which, in response to users, he showed his toned belly with prominent abdominal muscles. “Chubby in shape,” he signed the post, which received almost four million likes.

Plus an athlete gave comment to the sports portal Goal, in which he stated that at the moment he was in perfect shape for himself. “I no longer know what else I have to do to make people respect me,” Neymar said.

For the first time, a football player ran into criticism when the paparazzi filmed him while relaxing on a yacht in early August. In the above video, Neymar, shirtless, talking to friends on board.

Netizens continued to comment negatively on the striker’s appearance after the match between the national teams of Brazil and Chile, which took place on September 3. During the game, Neymar was captured in a wide form, which is why he was suspected of gaining weight. However, according to the footballer, he simply wore an L shirt for the match instead of the usual M.

In June fans pounced on on Neymar before the Brazilian national team match. The team was getting off the bus outside the hotel in Porto Alegre when several people broke through the cordon and rushed to the attacker. The fans began to hug Neymar, but the guards managed to quickly drag them away.

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