Neymar lets off steam to Brazil against Peru

Neymar grumbles about his critics

Neymar angry: He wants more praise for this gala performance

Superstar Neymar once again complains about his many critics. He also takes a stand on the allegations that he was overweight after his summer vacation.

Neymar has something to complain about again. The Brazilian superstar complains about too little recognition after his Selecao won 2-0 against Peru. (NEWS: Everything you need to know about qualifying for the World Cup)

“I don’t know what else I have to do so that people finally respect me,” said Neymar after the game on the Brazilian TV channel TV Globo.

Unfortunately, it has become normal that he would only be criticized from all sides, whether fans or the media. “It’s disrespectful and I suffer from it,” complained the Brazilian superstar.

Neymar also counters obesity rumors

His all-round impact then continued on social networks.

He responded with a wink to the rumors from the summer that he was overweight.

He posted a picture of his goal celebration after the 2-0. Neymar shows his now well-toned stomach and makes it clear with outstretched arms: Not because of overweight.

Neymar’s sister shoots TV commentator

But that’s not enough of the all-round blow against all sorts of Neymar criticism.

Neymar’s sister Rafaella Santos also read her frustration over a Neymar critic on social media. Specifically, it was about the commentator Galvao Bueno. This had criticized Neymar’s theatricality when the opponents fouled in his live commentary.

Neymar’s sister then shot back sharply at the commentator. “What kind of behavior is that? You’re not the one in pain after the game because of all the fouls, are you? “

These holiday pictures from Neymar are causing a stir

The great excitement off the pitch almost drowned out the fact that Neymar led his team to a 2-0 win over Peru with a strong performance. The 29-year-old not only scored the 2-0 himself, but also prepared the 1-0 for Everton Ribeiro.

With the win, the Selecao expanded their qualifying start record to eight wins.

Everything about World Cup qualification on

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