Neymar criticizes disrespect: “It’s time I opened my mouth!”

Brazil’s superstar Neymar has responded to criticism of his person in recent weeks and demands more respect.

Brazil’s superstar Neymar reacted emotionally to the criticism of his person and loudly demanded more respect. He also poked fun at reports of being overweight and in poor shape.

“I don’t know what else I have to do to make people respect me. It has become normal and has been going on for a long time,” said Neymar in an interview with Globe after the 2-0 success of Selecao in the World Cup qualification against Peru. Neymar convinced during the game in Recife among other things as a goalscorer.

Neymar clearly: It’s time I opened my mouth

The constant criticism from the media and fans is the reason “why I no longer like to give interviews”, Neymar clarified and rumbled: “I think it’s time for me to open my mouth. Because I am treated with every possible disrespect . “

On his InstagramChannel, Neymar also posted a picture of himself, on which he has pulled his jersey up with his mouth and his well-toned upper body can be seen. He wrote: “The fat one is good at football.” A clear reference to the allegations that he is overweight. At least nothing of this can be seen in the pictures.

With the Brazilian commentator Galvao Bueno, Neymar’s statements were not well received and seemed rather tearful to him. As a positive counterexample, Bueno named Lionel Messi. “You criticize when you criticize and praise when you praise. I see a certain exaggeration in Neymar,” he said.

Neymar lacks self-control, “because Messi is criticized as often as he is”. But Messi would rather give his answers on the pitch.


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