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News from our trails

by drbyos

Gradual opening of PASA networks

Dominique Hamel (PASA) – Dominique Hamel for PASA – Good news! As the trails have almost regained their summer appearance, they will be able to reopen, gradually, during the week.

Mont Loup-Garou Park: The park is only open for hiking at this time. The MARAIS, LAC RICHER, GRAND-JAUNE and ALEXIS trails remain closed (still too muddy).

Chantecler network: We hope to be able to open the Chantecler trails during the week for hiking and mountain biking.

Slopes 40-80: The 40-80 park trails have been open for 2 weeks already to the delight of cyclists.

Other PASA trails: Note that the trails of Mont Durocher and the Lac Millette sector are accessible for hiking.

To be on the lookout for the latest information, consult the PASA Facebook pages and you Mont Loup-Garou Park.

Photo: Dominique Hamel

Thanks Claude!

Dominique Hamel (PASA) – Everyone in the outdoors knows Chap! Claude « Chap » Chapdelaine is an avid athlete. A fan of Nordic skiing and cycling, he has been involved for more than 14 years with Plein Air Sainte-Adèle. After 14 good years, Claude decided to leave the board of directors (CA) of PASA. Claude was instrumental for PASA by occupying practically all the functions within the board of directors. He was president twice.

Claude was one of the leaders of Plein Air Sainte-Adèle’s development plan and was able to put in place a concrete plan to ensure that Sainte-Adèle is recognized as an outdoor city where it is good to live, and this, nearby trails. Dedicated, enthusiastic, and authentic Claude allowed PASA to be what it has become today, a recognized organization in the outdoor world in Quebec.

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Claude informs us that he will continue to be involved as a volunteer in issues that are close to his heart, namely the sustainability of the trails and mapping.

In addition, the Nordic ski trail at Parc du Mont Loup-Garou « CHAP » is in honor of Claude!

3 new trails at Parc du Mont Loup-Garou

Dominique Hamel (PASA) – The development of trails continues at Parc du Mont Loup-Garou. While the park was in spring rest, several volunteers worked hard to develop 3 new trails dedicated to hiking / snowshoeing. These paths allow the observation of gigantic rocks and offer completely new points of view. Intermediate level, they will be open very soon. Volunteers will complete the markup in the coming weeks.

Chore on May 8 at Val-David-Val-Morin Regional Park

On May 8, the Val-David-Val-Morin Regional Park Far-Hills sector invites users to participate in a family bubble with their tools in the maintenance and beautification of the trails, during the Corvée 2021.

During the day, you will be able to take part in picking up branches and debris from the trails, in clearing trails blocked by trees or in various other light work that will be assigned to you by bubble. A helping hand to the park maintenance team will get the summer season off to a good start in the nature reserve. The event will take place rain or shine!

In order to facilitate the organization, you are asked to express your interest in participating by email: [email protected]

Photo: Facebook Val-David-Val-Morin Regional Park

Basler Park: Mountain bike trails closed

Despite the work of volunteers and staff during the last chore for the trails of Basler Park, which took place on 1is Last May, the mountain bike trail network remains closed.

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Indeed, the ground is still soft in the places where the work was carried out. In other sectors, improvements still need to be made. The weather will have to be there during the second chore on Saturday, May 15! To register as a volunteer, send your contact information to [email protected] or at 450 226-3232, # 132.

Photo : Facebook Sentiers Morin-Heights

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