New video: Trak-Met TTP-600 Standard sawmill

Trak-Met TTP-600 Standard with hydraulics is a professional sawmill in the premium class

Trak-Met is a very stable band sawmill. The sawmill is available in different sizes, from simpler models to hydraulic log handling and feed.

Powerful and fast hydraulics

Fully hydraulic system on all tools makes log handling fast and efficient. All log handling takes place from one and the same place, where you have your controls. You lift the log, turn it, rotate and lock it with the help of the powerful and hydraulic tools. You adjust the side stops up / down with the hydraulics, adjust the top / root end and can also drive the timber with the level roller with drive. The package contains: 1 log tensioner, 1 log turner / chain rotator, 1 level roller, 1 level roller with drive, 4 side stops and 1 log lifter for loading.

Adapt the sawmill to your needs

It is possible to deselect hydraulic tools from the saw bench or add additional tools to the equipment. Some customers who have to place the sawmill stationary in one and the same place sometimes opt out of the hydraulic log lift and then have a log layout from which they roll over the logs. To increase the capacity and convenience of operating the sawmill, there are a number of electrical functions that facilitate sawing. Some popular features are stationary control panel, electric automatic feed, data meter, electric band control, bark cutter and ammeter.

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