New song moved our ABBA connoisseur: “Go 1,000 more times…

I hereby declare all Best of ABBAcollectors incomplete. Because halfway through listening to I still have faith in you I knew: I’m going to listen to this a thousand times. No more with the tears of the first time. Yes, I’m a 62-year-old guy and I was emotional. And that is understandable. Two and a half years ago a colleague called: “ABBA is releasing new work, who are the Flemish ABBA experts I can call for the newspaper?” Well, since then I’ve tapped ABBA on Youtube or Spotify every two days in hopes of bumping into those new songs.

Nothing for two and a half years. But now, on this beautiful summer evening, they are here. I just listened to them for the first time. Alone, with the headphones on. Before I hit the first note of I still have faith in …



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