New season of ‘The Wheel of Time’: amazing action and great adventures on Prime Video

New season of ‘The Wheel of Time’: amazing action and great adventures on Prime Video

The makers come with considerable promises for fans of Prime Video’s fantasy series.

The television landscape has been considerably enriched in recent years with the necessary fantasy series. The epic The Wheel of Time is also part of that, and now that the second season is approaching, the makers are already promising a lot of good.

Creators Sanaa Hamri and Marigo Kehoe give a glimpse of what we can expect in the upcoming season. In any case, they promise that the series will get bigger, with fights of unprecedented scale.

A new, terrifying evil

The story continues after the emergence of Rand al’Thor, played by actor Josha Stradowski, as the reborn dragon previously foreshadowed in the prophecy. But more is coming.

At the same time, a new terrifying evil is introduced in the form of the Seanchan, an army of enslaved mages. The second season promises to go even more in its own direction compared to the source material.

More action, more character focus

It’s always difficult to make a movie or series based on source material without offending die-hard fans. For Prime Video’s series, showrunner Rafe Judkin has focused more on what works for television, rather than in a book.

Watch the second season from September 1 The Wheel of Time op Prime Video.

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