New record for The Weeknd with Blinding Lights

Toronto artists are definitely in vogue on music streaming apps.

The world of music streaming is definitely changing. While Drake has just broken the record for the best start in the history of Appel Music, it is another artist, on another platform who is about to break a new record. The Canadian The Weeknd has indeed just reached 2.5 billion streams on Spotify. A performance in itself for the title which also has more than 500 million views on YouTube (for the audio version, the clip is 480 million views at the writing of these lines).

But the artist, author of the famous Save your tears is not the first to reach its numbers, both on Spotify and on YouTube. Blinding Lights is however the title which reached this bar of 2.5 billion streams the fastest on the Scandinavian platform. The piece Blinding Lights, released on November 19, 2019, will therefore have taken 1 year and 9 months to pass the 2.5 billion streams mark on Spotify. Next record for the Toronto-born singer to break, one billion views on the song’s YouTube clip Call Out My Name which is currently 700 million views.

Before him pieces like Shape Of You of Ed Sheeran had already exceeded this symbolic bar. If the title One Dance The other Canadian artist Drake is also close to this bar, the rapper can be reassured knowing that he is the most listened to artist on the whole platform with more than 50 billion streams.

Record on Spotify … and Billboard

On the side of its neighbor in Toronto The Weeknd, records are also raining. Just a few weeks ago, the title Blinding Lights (already him) had landed another recognized, this time of longevity. The title had, for the 88th time, entered the top 100 of the Billboard, a performance never reached in the history of music, quite simply. For the anecdote the song Radioactive Imagine Dragons has held this record so far with 87 weeks in the leaderboard.

While this new record had just been formalized, The Weeknd took the opportunity to thank its fans at length on social networks. In a post made on Instagram, he said in particular that he wanted to continue making music “As long as he breathes”. The artist who had already released an album in 2020 (his fourth in the studio) has just produced a new album: The Highlights, resuming his greatest hits. This new opus in the career of the Canadian has already been certified platinum in France.


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