New Prosthetic Arm Can Feel Touching Sensation

Reuters, CNN Indonesia | Saturday, 04/09/2021 02:42 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic are developing a prosthetic arm that can restore the natural function of the arm in the human body.

Usually the prosthetic arm still has to be paid attention to by the users when they are on the move, such as when picking up things or holding a glass.

However, the arm developed by this researcher can bring back the sensation of feeling as if the user actually has a real arm.

This arm will be connected to the user’s brain via leg nerves.

Researchers have also tested this new model of the arm.

As a result, two people were able to perform the task with the same accuracy as those with natural arms.

Researchers are still refining this prosthetic arm and hope to mass-produce it soon.



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