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“Quadratic Playground” is a project that creates new entertainment by combining various technologies and expressions, and is experienced by many customers, mainly digital natives. We released today a special site where various contents are unfolded and a project movie that announces future development.

“Quadratic Playground” special site:

Furthermore, at 20:00 on September 16th (Thursday), the official music video of the new song “Taisho Roman”, which was produced in collaboration with Eisaku Kubonouchi’s illustrations and characters, will be released together with YOASOBI.

DoCoMo will continue to provide content that allows you to experience the enjoyment of digital natives while fusing entertainment and technology.

  • 「Quadratic Playground」概要

In the age of diversity, we created a field called “Quadratic Playground” to create a place where each person can create questions and answers that value the feeling of fun. It is an attempt (playground) to create new entertainment by combining various technologies and expressions.

First of all, in three genres, MUSIC, SPORTS, and WEB CM, we will develop content that allows you to experience the catch phrase “Answer that is more fun than the correct answer.” MUSIC plans to release a VR music video in October that will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of 360-degree music, along with the unit “YOASOBI” that turns novels into music. SPORTS, together with former Japan national football team Atsuto Uchida, plans to release educational VR content in November that allows you to experience the thoughts and sensibilities of soccer play from your own perspective. And in the WEB CM, we will challenge the WEB movie that expresses “Fun rather than the correct answer” from the diversity with Mayu Yokota, seidai, Airu Kubozuka who are the attention young actors and models who will lead the next generation. doing. At the same time, we plan to develop original goods and VR goggles for each content.

the next deploymentthe next deployment

  • YOASOBI x Quadratic Playground “Taisho Roman” Official Music Video

Quadratic Playground will produce the official music video for the new song “Taisho Roman”, which was unveiled by YOASOBI on September 15, 2021 (Wednesday), and will be released today at 20:00 on September 16, 2021 (Thursday). In collaboration with Quadratic Playground, visual production by a gorgeous production team was realized under the direction of director Yusuke Takase. The character illustration created by Eisaku Kubonouchi was used as a cover for the original novel of the song and as a CD jacket. Furthermore, this illustration was fused with the artwork by Shinni Kimura, and the animation production of the shaft completed a music video that was a new answer created from the original novel and the world view of the music.

And in October, we plan to release a VR music video that further expands the experience of this original novel and music. We will deliver a new type of entertainment experience where you can experience the feeling of going back and forth in 360 degrees while being wrapped in a light melody.

Music videoMusic video

Original novel calligraphyOriginal novel calligraphy

CD jacketCD jacket

YOASOBI comment

It’s a song that is packed with timeless love romance and important feelings for important people who can’t meet even today. It would be great if you could feel the MV’s running feeling and the love that runs through, with a world view that is unique to this song.

We received the straightforward feelings of the two people who jumped over the gap of 100 years and fell in love from the original, and put their voices one by one. It would be great if you could fully enjoy the appearance of the two people asking for their thoughts to go against their destiny, along with the music video.

Comment from Eisaku Kubonouchi

While listening to YOASOBI’s music and the director’s production plan, I expanded my image of how to visualize Chiyoko and Tokisho, who connect their hearts with only timeless letters. The error of 100 years and the error of 100 seconds are the same as the frustration that cannot be connected, and they are the two who extracted the pure and ephemeral love.

Summary of works

Title: YOASOBI / Taisho Roman Official Music Video
URL (YOASOBI official YouTube):

Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Ayase / Singing: ikura
Original: “Taisho Romance” “Taisho Roman” (by NATSUMI)
Music Video Produced by: Quadratic Playground by NTT DoCoMo


A “unit that makes novels into music” consisting of composer Ayase and vocal ikura. The first song “Yoru ni Kakeru” released in November 2019 exceeded 400 million streaming playbacks in December 2020, and won the first place in 2020 on the Billboard Japan comprehensive song chart “HOT100”. The second song “Ano Yume o Niteru” is a comicalized original novel, the third song “Halzion” collaborated with beverages and video works, and the fourth song “Maybe” on July 20th, September. Bourbon “Alfort Mini Chocolate” CM song “Gunjo” was released on the 1st. In December, Osamu Suzuki released the song “Haruka”, which was the original novel. Released the first CD “THE BOOK” on January 6, 2021. The gorgeous specifications attracted a lot of attention, and while recording the 2nd place in the Oricon daily ranking for the first time, all songs were simultaneously ranked within the 15th place on the Apple Music streaming chart. The TV anime “BEASTARS” OP theme “Monster” and ED theme “Yasashii Suisei”, which were released in quick succession, also won the 1st place on various charts. In February, the first one-man live “KEEP OUT THEATER” was held at the construction site of the former site of Milan, Shinjuku, and in July, a collaboration live “SING YOUR WORLD” with UNIQLO “UT” was held at UNIQLO Ariake Headquarters. It was held at UNIQLO CITY TOKYO and showed excitement with a record of 280,000 simultaneous users. The range of development is expanding to areas other than music, such as making original novels into books and movies.



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