New on Amazon Prime Video: Comedy Series ‘As We See It’

The touching comedy series As We See It (2021– ) is available today on Amazon Prime Video. The show is based on an earlier pilot titled On The Spectrum and is about three people who all have a different form of autism.

Our main characters are all grown up and have decided it’s time to move out. The three of them choose to live together, so that at least something is familiar with the new situation. Living independently and all the other responsibilities that come with it are not always easy for them, but together they make the best of it.

The lead roles in the drama series are played by Rick Glassman, Albert Rutecki and Sue Ann Pien, actors who all have a form of autism themselves. That makes the show all the more compelling. As We See It was created by Jason Katim and directed by Jaffar Mahmood and Jenée LaMarque.

IMDb 8.5

Three young housemates, all of whom have some form of autism, learn to cope with growing up, living together and the world around them.

All episodes of As We See It are now available on Amazon Prime Video. The full range of Amazon Prime Video can be found here.

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