New in Lille. The Nonna restaurant serves you fresh pasta like in Italy

Open since September 9, 2021, the small restaurant Nonna offers delicious fresh pasta to take away. (© Nonna)

Notice to pasta lovers. the nonna pasta bar just opened this Thursday, September 9 at Little, at 29 boulevard Carnot. The concept is simple: fresh pasta and homemade sauces inspired by real Italian recipes. All to eat on the terrace, to take away or on your sofa.

The 3rd small restaurant on Boulevard Carnot

Restaurants for a quick bite to eat are on the boulevard Carnot. After the opening of the Maison Jaja sandwich shop at the end of 2018, then the healthy and gourmet salad restaurant Verde last spring, it is therefore Nonna’s turn to complete the food offer in the sector. The three establishments are all part of the Jaja family, which also includes the two wine bars on rue Saint-André as well as the Petite Suzette crêperie.

For Nonna, “the project was delayed because of the Covid but we had it in mind for a while,” says Esther, the manager. She also had to wait until the place she coveted, right in the middle of her two other restaurants, was released. After some development work and a good makeover, Nonna was able to open.

Authentic Italian recipes

As with other establishments, Nonna’s goal is to enable Lille residents to eat quality dishes on the go. And what could be better than delicious pasta for comfort. To accompany the fresh pasta, the team was naturally inspired by the best: authentic Italian recipes, which have been passed down from generation to generation. Hence the name “nonna” which means “grandmother”.

At the counter, you will have to choose from different sauce recipes.
At the counter, you will have to choose from different sauce recipes. (© HM / Lille news)

If we only find one type of dough per service, “the shape will change regularly,” says Esther. The most important thing is that the sauce sticks well to the dough. Nonna will also offer pasta stuffed with meat or vegetables. Then you have to choose your sauce. The recipes will change depending on the season. And the team will keep the best sellers to offer them throughout the year.

For opening, you have the choice between a spicy tomato sauce and pork and veal. It also exists in a vegetarian version, and not spicy. As well as a cheese and truffle sauce, one with three cheeses, and of course a pesto. Also to try, the gricia, a Roman recipe mixing guanciale, a piece of dried meat that comes from the cheek and jowl of the pig, and pecorino, all generously peppered.

Count from 10 to 16 €, depending on the recipe chosen, for a portion of 200gr. “The idea is to be stuck and comforted after eating,” explains the manager.

The restaurant promises hearty portions and comforting recipes.
The restaurant promises hearty portions and comforting recipes. (© Nonna)

Nonna offers antipasti (starters): creamy burrata, foccacia and Italian charcuterie. And for dessert, there is obviously a delicious tiramisu, but also a hazelnut cake and lemon meringue (served with the fruit).

It is possible to eat on site, on the terrace only, as well as to take away. The pasta is served in a very practical box, ideal for lunch anywhere. Nonna will also launch in delivery via the usual applications (Uber Eats Deliveroo), and Rocket.

Practical information: Nonna, 29 boulevard Carnot in Lille. Open every lunchtime from Monday to Saturday, and in the evening very soon. To know more, follow the restaurant on Instagram.

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