New garden in Valencia | This will be the new garden with a viewpoint in Valencia

The City Council resumes the project after “the abandonment of the work by the previous successful bidder

The Local Government Board of the Valencia City Council will approve next Thursday the
new project for the garden of Juan XXIII in Benicalap“a garden that, as we committed to the neighborhood, will be done in this mandate despite the great complication caused by the abandonment of the work by the previous successful bidder”, said the Vice Mayor and Councilor for Urban Ecology, Sergi Campillo.

The new project is tendered with a total budget of 440,869 euros, that is, 38.8% more than the previous award, with an execution period of 4 months. “With this increase of more than 100,000 euros (compared to the award of 317,531 euros), we want to resume a very important project for Benicalap, since
will landscape a delimited area between Juan XXIII avenue and Sant Josep de Pignatelli and Periodista Gil Sumbiela streets. In total, around 2,400 square meters that are proposed as a space for the integration of all types of users, for all ages, where you can breathe tranquility, and where you can walk and enjoy yourself, thanks to useful equipment for the neighborhood, such as varied games for children and adults, with a relevant load of vegetation and shade, but also sun, where biodiversity has a place, “said the deputy mayor and councilor, Sergi Campillo.

With this new garden, the Urban Ecology delegate asserted, “the aim is to create a green infrastructure for the environmental improvement of citizens, pampering the diverse spaces created, and defined as living areas, and walkways, with a significant presence of trees, bushy and carpeting”.

Preliminary verification works

For the drafting of the project for the conclusion of the work, a visual and photographic data dam has been carried out, and a topographical survey, to know the current physical reality, the one actually executed, and in what conditions it is found. The irrigation networks, lighting, and
drinking waterand ditches, manholes -all pending completion-, and canalization has been placed, with service connections in the general network of drinking water, and irrigation.

Elements of exposed reinforced concrete are also partially executed, having completed the concrete wall that covers the children’s play area in the absence of revisions, and the foundations of the element of the lookout have been started, with waiting in sight. A limited contribution of topsoil is seen, and the separations to bordering plots have been partially made based on wooden boards. A lower continuous elevation of the north party wall is being carried out, an issue that will have to be completed in order to avoid possible landslides.

Thus, for the drafting of the project for the resumption of the garden on Juan XXIII Avenue, the partially completed work has been taken into account, as well as the tasks necessary to be able to continue, even if some part of the work has to be undone to guarantee a correct and safe execution.

Four entrances, viewpoint and a lot of biodiversity

The project proposes a complete and safe perimeter passageway and a garden centered on an elevated section, “so that it is an urban asset not only for users, but also for the citizens who circulate around it”, highlighted the deputy mayor, and explained that four accesses have been projected, different areas of stays,
miradorsteps, children’s play area, bio-healthy games and a drinking fountain.

The vegetation will be varied and will incorporate solutions that use the chromatic gamma, differentiated textures, varied aromas and changing material to promote the possibility of generating
a garden that evolves according to the seasonswith which “it is possible to incorporate different experiences depending on the time of year that the visit is made,” Campillo commented.

For the trees, 44 units have been selected, including fruitless mulberry trees, fire trees, narrow-leaved ash trees, a set of
coconut trees and an exemplary port hackberry in the highest part of the garden. The perimeter area will have a wild Mediterranean meadow of fine grass and clover, species with low water consumption and low maintenance. The planned shrubs are of different shapes, flowering and color, with leaves acclimatized to the area.


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