New feature at Anchor – Spotify combines talk and music

Music or Podcast? I ask myself this question every morning when I’m on my way to work and put on my headphones. Most of the time, the decision is made on the latter. With a podcast, a memorable, short melody is usually played as the intro and then people talk for twenty minutes. Every now and then a report or a talk is accompanied by a music bed, but that was it with atmospheric music. No NSYNC, no Billie Eilish or any other great artist. Until now! Spotify has taken on the “little problem” and created a new feature at Anchor, with which you can integrate music tracks in the podcast. In the following blog post we take a closer look at the new feature.

This is how the new feature works at Anchor

Your podcast and the music you love. You can do that at Anchor put together and thus produce your own little “radio show”, so to speak. So you can easily put songs in full length between your conversations or reports. All you have to do is create an account with Anchor and you can get started right away. Your already too existing podcast can be edited on Anchor without any problems. By the way, from registration to implementation, everything is free of charge.

What to do

As soon as you have created an account with Anchor, you can start creating your “Music & Talk Show”. While creating an episode, you can select the music tool and search for bands, artists and songs on Spotify that you want to play on the podcast. Then you put the individual building blocks together, it’s easy to do with drag & drop. So you record individual audio files and mix the individual pieces of music in between. As soon as the episode is finished, all you have to do is click on “Publish”.

What features are there at Anchor?

In order to be able to create episodes with ease, there are upload, recording and editing tools on the platform. The recording tools capture audio tracks directly from your phone, tablet or computer and synchronize them on all devices. You can also import videos at Anchor. Nice transitions can also be added so that your episodes don’t sound choppy. If you have interlocutors with you in an episode, that’s not a challenge either. Because several people can record at the same time. And so that you can build up an even more intense bond with your listeners, you can invite them via Anchor to send you voice messages, which you can then record in future episodes.

Hosting and analytics

The rights to all of your content are entirely yours and you can host unlimited episodes anytime, anywhere for free. About the Dashboard Anchor also gives you interesting information about the performance of your podcast episodes and the listeners. In this way, target group-specific statements about age, gender, location and listening apps can be better made and you can let your show grow. Various performance tools give you an insight into where listeners got out.

Podcast subscriptions at Anchor

In theory, you can even make money from your podcast. And every time people listen to the individual episodes. With anchor Sponsorships you can record audio messages in your own voice, or have a third person speak to them and choose where to go in your episodes. And then there is the donation function. Listeners can donate monthly via your own anchor profile. You don’t even need an account on Anchor for this.

Create visual on anchor

Yes, even that is possible. On the platform, you can design your own, very individual podcast cover in a matter of seconds. With images and fonts, you can generate the custom cover art and create an eye-catching and unique podcast logo.

For me, the question of whether it’s music or a podcast in the morning has now been settled. So the idea of ​​combining the two components is great for me personally. A podcast lasting almost an hour can look livelier with this new function and is thus loosened up a bit. Podcasters can therefore produce a small radio broadcast themselves.


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