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New documentary about the opera choir

by drbyos


Krefeld / Mönchengladbach. The opera choir of the Krefeld and Mönchengladbach Theaters is presented in a short film

How does an opera choir actually work? How does it feel to be part of this important group in the theater? “Everyone comes to the choir with a specific sound concept,” says choir director Maria Benyumova in a new little documentary that offers exciting insights into the work of the opera choir at Theater Krefeld and Mönchengladbach. Benyumova appreciates the diversity of the opera choir, in which people from eleven nations are involved. There are 32 permanent positions in total: nine sopranos, seven altos, nine tenors and seven basses.

Just like the soloists, the choir singers, who all have completed vocal studies, are required to be extremely flexible when it comes to vocal technique. Whether lyrical, dramatic or buffon-like, some parts are uncomfortably low, some again demanding high. In addition, there is the change of different languages ​​- and not to forget the extensive scenic tasks in operas, operettas or musicals, which range from carefully rehearsed group actions to individual individual tasks.

Due to the corona pandemic, the opera choir is currently being used differently and in smaller formations than usual. Among other things, it participates in the operetta “Salon Pitzelberger & Co.” and in the festive opera gala “Viva Belcanto!” And presents in an extra with the title “Merry Christmas Everywhere” Christmas carols for the whole family.

In the approximately twelve-minute documentary, in addition to Maria Benyumova, opera choir members from all four vocal groups have their say and tell of their experiences and everyday life.

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