A new crime It happened this Thursday morning in the commune of Santiago, where a man was found with two shots at a bus stop Transantiago.

As reported by the Carabineros, at 8:30 in the morning a call was received in 133 where it was reported the presence of a man lying on the public highway, this in the sector of Santiago Concha with Franklin.

The individual, an adult of Colombian nationality, died at the scene and had a gunshot wound to the head and another on the neck.

According to witnesses, they would have shot him from a blue Chevrolet Sail vehicle who quickly left the scene.

One of the residents of the place said that, after hearing one of the shots, he looked outside and saw how the perpetrator got into the aforementioned car to flee. He added that probably the victim was walking around the place when the attack occurred.

The Homicide Squad of the PDI will investigate the case, by order of the North Central Prosecutor’s Office.

The situation occurs in the middle of a week marked by shootings and deaths in the commune. On Tuesday, a man was left at life risk after being shot in the head at the Portal Fernández Concha and another individual was burned in the heart of the capital.