New corona regulation in BW comes later than planned – SWR Aktuell

Contrary to what was planned, the state government of Baden-Württemberg will only announce the new Corona regulation in the course of the coming week. The reason is the Federal Infection Protection Act.

The revised Corona regulation for Baden-Württemberg should come into force in the course of the coming week. The Ministry of Social Affairs announced this on Friday afternoon. The exact time depends on the entry into force of the Infection Protection Act at the federal level, the the Federal Council also agreed on Friday. Accordingly, the protective measures in the corona pandemic in the future will primarily be based on the number of people who come to hospital because of their infection – and not, as before, on the seven-day incidence.

“Since the Infection Protection Act is not expected to come into force until the middle of next week, the current Corona regulation will be extended again for this transitional period,” the message continues. The entry into force of the Infection Protection Act is the decisive legal basis on which the state’s Corona regulation is based. Therefore, this can only take effect as soon as the changes to the Infection Protection Act apply, according to the ministry.

In an earlier announcement from the state government, it was said that the new Corona regulation should come into force on Monday.

New corona regulation with two-stage warning system

The future Corona regulation provides for a two-stage warning system that is based on hospitalization and provides restrictions for unvaccinated people. You have to show a negative PCR test at the first warning level in order to be allowed to go to a restaurant, for example. At the second level – the alert level – the 2G rules should come into force. Then unvaccinated people would no longer be allowed to visit all public institutions.

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“Warning level” for 250 corona intensive cases

The first “warning level” should apply as soon as 250 intensive care beds are occupied with Covid 19 patients or the hospitalization incidence of eight is reached or exceeded. This means that out of 100,000 residents, eight people with corona symptoms were admitted to a clinic within a week. If these values ​​are exceeded, unvaccinated persons only have access to certain public areas with a PCR test. In addition – also in the case of unvaccinated persons – only two families are allowed to meet.

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“Alert level” in 390 corona intensive cases

In addition to the “warning level”, there should then be another limit value: An “alarm level” should be triggered if 390 Covid patients are treated in intensive care units or the hospitalization incidence of twelve is reached or exceeded. Then the 2G rule should apply in Baden-Württemberg. That would mean that only those who have been vaccinated or recovered are allowed to visit restaurants, for example.

According to the ministry, there will be exceptions to the regulations – such as the 2G regulation – for people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or who have not yet had enough time for a vaccination, for example pregnant women as well as children and adolescents.

Minister: Infections almost exclusively among non-vaccinated people

Health Minister Manfred Lucha (Greens) announced on Friday with the revised Corona regulation. A look at the numbers shows that the infections are currently almost exclusively among people who have not been vaccinated. The hospitals in Baden-Württemberg also learn that more than 90 percent of people who are in intensive care units with a severe course do not have any vaccination protection.

“That is why the measures must begin with, and not least, the protection of the group of people who make a significant contribution to the infection process and the burden on the health system,” said Lucha. The aim is to prevent overloading the health system in any case and thus to save lives.


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