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new cheap WiFi 6 router

by drbyos

The Redmi Router AX3000 is a cheap router that has a similar design to other Redmi models. It has 128 MB internal memory and 256 MB of RAM memory, and is capable of managing connections with up to 128 devices at the same time via WiFi. The processor that integrates is a Qualcomm IPQ5000 with two cores at 1 GHz, while to accelerate the network it has another coprocessor with a single core at 1 GHz.

Up to 3,000 Mbps speed

At the connectivity level, we have WiFi 6 with four antennas that allow 2 simultaneous connections in 2.4 GHz and another two in 5 GHz. The antennas have signal amplification to increase the range by 50%, in addition to correction of LDPC errors in the event of interference or instability.

The maximum speed in 2.4 GHz is 574 Mbps, and in 5 GHz it is 2,402 Mbps. Ethernet ports, we have a port WAN Gigabit, Y three Gigabit LAN ports. For games, the router has a gaming traffic prioritization mode to have the lowest latency, offering an exclusive channel for online gaming traffic. Thanks to this, if there are more devices using the WiFi in the house, they will not harm us when it comes to playing.

Can be controlled with the Xiaomi app

The operating system you use is MiWiFi, based on OpenWRT. The router can be integrated into the Mijia application, and it can act as a switchboard to control all the smart devices in the home and check if there are any suspects. Connecting them with Xiaomi gadgets is easier, since it has Easy Connect. In addition to WiFi 6, it is compatible with the latest technologies such as WPA3-SAE, Beamforming, BSS Coloring or IPv6.

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Its price is 269 yuan, about 35 euros to change. It will be on sale from next Friday July 30. Hopefully more products like this end up arriving in Spain, since in our country the only WiFi 6 router that they sell officially, with a price of 99.99 euros.

One of the biggest advantages of routers this cheap is that we can use them to amplify WiFi coverage in our house, since they are worth practically the same as an amplifier, but we have the advantages of having a router, such as more ports, better coverage, more speed, or greater capacity to connect more devices. Thus, we do not have to stop using our operator’s to have, for example, a telephone.

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