New book by Wolfgang Mainka

The Wrzburg night watchman, Wolfgang Mainka, tells stories from the history of Wrzburg every evening on his tours through the city. He has now used this many years of experience to summarize his narrative art and his knowledge of the city’s history in a book, as the Echter Verlag announced in a letter.

In addition to the indubitable facts, however, it also contains assumptions, allegations and fantasies that the legendary Lgenbaron himself could not have imagined better. Wolfgang Mainka knows that the Big Bang almost exactly happened on August 11th 13.8 billion BC. Has taken place. He knows a decisive reason for the settlement of the basin on the Main, namely the Meefischli, and is certain that the first Swedish furniture sellers settled near Wrzburg during the Thirty Years’ War.

Mainka mixes fantasies and historical facts into a fun foray through Wrzburg’s history. “I myself had so much fun writing the stories that I couldn’t stand it alone and therefore had to share it with others. That’s why I made the book,” says the author of his stories about the Wrzburger Lgenbaron. The illustrations by the high-speed draftsman Carlo Dernbach, who runs the wine caricature museum in Karstadt, are also fun.

Appeared is the book published by Wrzburger Echter Verlag. It has 192 color pages, is bound and costs 19.90 euros. ISBN 978-3-429-05666-7.

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