New advisory council to make Amsterdam street names more inclusive | Inland

That reports the Parool. An advisory board with four members will now replace that club. The new advisory council on naming public spaces (Anor) will be led by theater maker Charlotte Riem Vis (former councilor for the PvdA), Maryse Jansen de Lannoy, Annemarie de Wildt of the Amsterdam Museum and Wouter Pocornie, architect and urbanist who is also associated with the Black Archives. The members are appointed for a term of three years.

The abolished street names committee had been under fire for some time. In 2019, Mayor Femke Halsema intervened when the committee approved a proposal to name a new neighborhood on IJburg after the protagonists of the Battle of the Zuiderzee.

The college then came up with an alternative: the names of 27 people who opposed colonialism and the slavery past in the past.

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