Neo-Nazi groups demonstrate in Madrid against the LGTBI collective

  • The police have monitored the route through Chueca of the rioters who shouted “out, queers from our neighborhoods” and “out, AIDS, from Madrid.”

  • Irene Montero affirms that the Government will take the action of the neo-Nazis to the Prosecutor’s Office and announces the urgent process of the Trans Law and LGTBI rights.

Various groups of neo-Nazi ideology they have marched this afternoon against the LGTBI collective in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca. The protest had been called by the platform Safe Madrid to charge against the ‘Agenda 2030/2050′, and after leaving the Plaza de Chueca they have crossed several streets of the neighborhood making a fuss and with xenophobic screams.

They have not registered physical confrontations, and the police have escorted neo-Nazi groups during the journey. The rioters have taken to the streets shouting: “Out of queer neighborhoods” and also “out, AIDS, of Madrid”, as reflected in the tweets of our collaborator Pilar Ruiz. Other screams that have been heard during the tour have been those of “You are not Spanish because you are not white”.

To the prosecution

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From the government there has been a quick reaction to what happened and the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has announced via Twitter that the executive will take action on the matter so that hateful actions like those of today are not repeated. In his tweet, Montero notes that “we will inform the Prosecutor’s Office the lgtbiphobic and racist hatred of today’s Nazi demonstration in Chueca. “He also announced that” we are urgently processing the Trans Law and LGTBI rights, which is what allows shielding rights “and concludes his message with a” LGTBI groups and people, you are not alone. “

Other politicians, like Iñigo Errejón, have also reacted to this provocation by the neo-Nazi groups on twitter and have published their protest comments: “These brains who shout their arms raised” get out of our neighborhoods “are only the spearhead of the reactionary wave. the most vulnerable while others play equidistance. Freedom must be defended, street by street, “the deputy from More Country.



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