Need a Mother’s Role to Prevent Stunting and Obesity

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Jakarta, InfoPublik – Professor of Nutrition Science, Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University (FEMA IPB) Prof. Dr. Hardiansyah said to be able to prevent it early, the role of the mother is needed when determining food.

“Both during pregnancy and providing nutrition and parenting to children after birth,” said Hardiansyah in a virtual conference per 62nd National Nutrition Day, Tuesday (18/1/2022).

Mothers-to-be should have a pre-pregnancy medical check-up and routine check-ups during pregnancy. To prevent stunting from the start is not to increase the weight of pregnant women is not sufficient.

“Simply put for the layman is that increasing gestational age must be accompanied by weight gain. When a baby is born, when he gets older, he must gain weight. It’s a simple feature,” said Hardiansyah.

If you experience a stagnant weight that does not increase, then the increase in length or height of the baby will be disturbed. When the baby is born, the mother must pay attention to the minimum weight of the baby above 2.5 kg with a body length of over 47 cm.

A mother is also obliged to provide exclusive breastfeeding (ASI) which is given for up to six months. If exclusive breastfeeding is not given and the child has had diarrhea many times, it is a sign that stunting will occur if it is not immediately addressed.

Hardiansyah said that there are foods that are proven to prevent stunting during pregnancy, namely milk, eggs, fish, animal foods, and side dishes. Then the foods that are proven to prevent stunting after the baby is born are exclusive breastfeeding, growth milk, eggs, fish, animal foods, side dishes, and various nutritionally enriched complementary foods (MP).

Give sufficient breast milk and complementary foods, exclusive breastfeeding for up to six months, continue breastfeeding for six to 23 months, give adequate and good complementary foods at the age of six to 23 months.

Hardiansyah reminded to maintain the health of infants and children through immunization, hygiene, stimulation, good habits of eating vegetables, fruit, side dishes, and high protein. For obesity, it must be understood its causes and many causes, not only lack of physical activity and food.

If in adults or adolescents obesity can be due to stress that causes inflammation, inflammation causes fat accumulation. In addition, lack of sleep or excess sleep increases the hormone ghrelin, which causes hunger.

“Start by managing the main causative factors such as stress, don’t get stressed, you have to increase physical activity and regulate sleep time, monitor body weight and waist circumference,” said Hardiansyah.

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