National 3: duel of co-leaders between Montluçon and Bourgoin this Saturday

Who gets to count to three first? This is the stake of the match of this Saturday, September 11 at Dunlop stadium (6 p.m.) between Montlucon Football (Ally) and the FC Bourgoin-Jallieu (Isère), currently tied for the lead of Pool M in National 3 with two wins each in the first two days.

The context

“This will be our first real test, against a team that clearly shows the ambition to climb to National 2, ”confirms Bourbonnais coach Fabien Croze. “We won the two games that we had to win (1-0 against AS Moulins; then 2-4 against Velay FC), while here I think Bourgoin will be an opponent of superior quality, precisely in view of their stated ambitions ”.

Feedback on Montluçon Foot’s victory at Velay FC (2-4) [05/09/2021]

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The goal

The objective is therefore simple for the Montluçonnais: “ To be situated compared to a formation at the top of the table ”. And accounting? “Let’s say I have a principle”, continues the coach …

“In any championship, there is always a surprise team at the start of the season … so if we get a result this Saturday we can say that we are the surprise team. “

Fabien Croze (Montluçon Foot coach)

But the technician nevertheless assures him: “We are not going to change absolutely nothing in our way of approaching the meeting ”. Only the requirements may be revised upwards. “This type of match can be played on details, so it will be necessary to raise the degree of concentration compared to the first two days ”.

The workforce

The problem is this: three important players in the squad have all wounded this week. These are the Laïd defenders Bokhari (ankle) and Abdel Boumediene (ankle), as well as striker Florian Encouraged (knee). “To those who are going to play to show themselves”, concludes Fabien Croze. The title of “surprise team” will be at this price.

The Montluçon group:Boudersa (left), Branco (left) – Mauvy, Odry, Traoré, Louves, Passy – Pérot, Husson, Hari, Boron, Camara – Lallemand, Mai, Decoster, Bathily. Coach: Fabien Croze.

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Text: Luc Barre
Photos: Cécile Champagnat archives


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