National 1: heavy defeat for Blanzat-Montluçon (Allier) at home against Montpellier

“A non-match” … Three words on a fiasco, stated this Saturday, September 18 in the evening by Cassandra Bonnet, the coach of the Blanzat Sport Montluçon (Allier), coming out of the heavy defeat (26-33) wiped at home by her players against Montpellier-Frontignan (Herault), as part of the second day of the championship in National 1 female handball.

First half

From the start, the locals, too timid in attack and too permeable behind, have cashed a 2-6 sec (6th) heralding an evening under the sign of porosity. That of defense and also that of the Sports Hall, where a leak in the roof delayed the kick-off.

Add to that the violent waves of Hérault, on which the rear Hanssanaly (11 goals) and the robust pivot El Morsli (6) have not stopped surfing, and you will easily understand that the Bourbonnaises got stuck.

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The score quickly swelled in favor of the visitors (5-10, 15e), well helped which is more by the waterproof barrier that constituted throughout the game their goalkeeper Monterroso (17 saves). But Montluçon was still alive at the break (11-14).

Second half-time

The Auvergne have restarted well. The rearguard tightened, Ngoulou (6 goals) then Vargas (5) performed… and it was seen on the scoreboard: 16-18, 36e. Alas, the Montpelliéraines then attacked a crippling 1-7 to their opponents (17-25, 45th).

Even the injury to the arm of their door (48th), replaced by a field player, will not have made them waver. On the contrary, they continued to water the goal of the Montluçonnaises who thus drank the chalice to the dregs, counting the worst ten lengths of delay (23-33, 57th) and seven at the finish (26-33, 60th).

This is the second setback in two days for BSM (12th of 14 in the ranking). And the second success in as many meetings for HBF 3M (1st tied).

Technical sheet

– Match : Blanzat-Montluçon beaten by Montpellier 26-33 (half-time 11-14) in his Sports Hall. Referee: MM. Devaux and Mesqah. Spectators: 300.
– Montluçon :Hardouin (8 stops); Ékobo (3 goals), Issifou (4), Doucet (1), Ngavouka (1, cap.), Okabandé (2), Vargas (5), Fiafialoto (4) Ngoulou (6).
– Montpellier :Monterroso (17 stops), Arino (3 stops); Hassanaly (11 goals), Martin (5), Povillon (2), Vasseur (1), Makamte (4), Granier (2, cap.), El Morsli (6), Alexandre (2).

Basketball, handball: the results of this Saturday, September 18, 2021 for Auvergne clubs

Text: Luc Barre
Photos: Cécile Champagnat



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