Natascha Ochsenknecht and Vera Int-Veen: Funny video in bikinis

Natascha Ochsenknecht and Vera Int-Veen: Funny video in bikinis

Natascha Ochsenknecht was on vacation. Their fans should also participate in this. Now the model showed up while bathing in the sea – in a prominent company.

Natascha Ochsenknecht is a professional when it comes to filling her Instagram account. The model always knows what to post. The ex-wife of actor Uwe Ochsenknecht likes to publish her appearances on the red carpet, pictures in a bikini or other insights into her everyday life.

Most recently, she went on vacation to Mallorca. There she met a prominent lady and together they showed themselves frolicking in the sea.

Natascha Ochsenknecht and Vera Int-Veen in the sea

Moderator Vera Int-Veen published a series of photos in a clip on her Instagram account. She and Natascha Ochsenknecht showed them in the sea. The two women seem to be having a lot of fun in the pictures, snuggling up against each other.

Ochenknecht wore an orange bikini, Int-Veen a bathing suit with stripes in different shades of blue. Both women wore large sunglasses. “Baywatch goes Mallorca,” wrote the former “daughter-in-law wanted” presenter on the social media post.

Natascha Ochsenknecht shows her scar

Natascha Ochsenknecht shared another bathing photo on her own profile. On this she posed standing alone in the sea. She wore a different – black – bikini.

Her fans were very enthusiastic about the openness of Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht’s mother. “Being perfect is just exhausting in the long run and robs us of our time! It’s also normal to age with age. What’s imperfect about that,” wrote one user. Another said, “I think you’re perfect just the way you are.” One also read: “The body should be healthy. That is worth a lot and is not perfect.”


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