Nataliya Petkova – Residence at LABOMEDIA (Variable Geographies) / AAARevue – N20

Nataliya Petkova – Residence at LABOMEDIA (Variable Geographies) / AAARevue – N20

In 2013, Labomedia welcomed the French artist Fabien Zocco and the Quebecer Natalyia Petkova who presented in mid-December the work they respectively carried out within the framework of the 4th edition of “Géographies Variables*”. Natalyia Petkova has carried out research work, some of which will be shared in an unpublished text in the AAARevue. In addition, she has produced an additional installation, in situ and ephemeral, with objects found on site, in the space of Labomédia (Orléans, France): “Composition in V+”. Five vibration motors generate random and evolving compositions, while tying themselves to the hanging plants. Nataliya Petkova articulates her research around two main axes: first, the generation and study of micro-territories, as well as the questioning of the notion of cultural identity and the promotion of a dynamic infrastructure; and then, the process of translation—the transfer of meaning from medium to medium, from language to language—and all the anomalies that are revealed in it. Her work aims to be a narrative about the heterogeneity of knowledge that emerges at the point of intersection between the perceptual experience of the individual and the random compositions, visual and sound, generated in the exploratory act. Organized around curiosity and experimentation, its research and creation process demonstrates a need to trace and invent new territories, subvert the perceptual habit and imagine possible encounters between the organic and the non-organic. . In the use of various materials, transforming throughout a process of transfer of meaning, modular geographies appear. ——— * The Geographies variables residency program takes its name from the variety and specificity of the host places (where variability and mutation are almost daily), where the artist can approach a creative context with a practice integrating the physical/geographical reality and his own experiences tinged with a strong subjectivity. Set up by / Julie Morel (France) & la Chambre Blanche (Quebec), the objective of “Géographies Variables” is to promote exchanges between artistic communities (practices related to the Internet) in France and Quebec, and to create lasting links between these two networks. Secondly, it is a matter of offering the French and Quebec public quality digital and interactive art programming (web/netart). (Approach: 12 to 16 artists in total – 6 French artists, 6 Quebec artists – are selected every year. They go on a residency to produce a digital work of art in partner art centres. Each place welcomes, at the same moment, for 1 to 2 1/2 months, 2 artists/collectives at a time: 1 French, 1 Quebecer We want this residency time to be an opportunity for these artists to exchange ideas: we will therefore select artists whose work is close or who present bridges between their practices and issues, and preferably artists who have never met, to help them create around new discussions and research, and new networks.)


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