NASA Selects 10 Prospective Astronauts Who Are Ready to Fly to Mars : Okezone techno

NASA choose 10 people astronaut new ones that will be flown to the moon and Mars in the future.

The space agency introduced six men and four women during the event in Houston, home to Mission Control and the astronaut corps.

It is known that more than 12,000 people applied for the position, but only 10 were selected.

“Today, we welcome 10 new explorers – 10 members of the Artemis generation,” said NASA administrator Bill Nelson.

The names of the astronaut candidates are Nicole Ayers, Marcos Berrio, Christina Birch, Deniz Burnham, Luke Delaney, Andre Douglas, Jack Hathaway, Anil Menon, Christopher Williams and Jessica Wittner.

They are on average in their 30s and 40s and come from a variety of professions, from fighter pilots, medical physicists, drilling specialists, maritime robotics, aviation surgeons and bioengineers.

Astronaut candidates will undergo two years of training before being eligible for space flight.

The training of astronaut candidates is divided into five main categories: operating and maintaining the complex systems of the International Space Station, training for space travel, developing complex robotics skills, operating the T-38 training jet safely, and Russian language skills.

Citing NASA’s official website, Tuesday (7/12/2021) After completion, they will be assigned to missions that involve conducting research on the space station.

In addition, other tasks include launching on spacecraft built by commercial companies, as well as space missions including the Moon using NASA’s Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System rockets.

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They will enter the training period together with two astronauts from the United Arab Emirates.



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