NASA Astronauts Harvest Chili in Space

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Institution space United States of America, NASA, make an experiment that is planting up to harvest chilli in outer space. The chili harvest was then used by the astronauts to make various foods such as tacos.

Chili seeds brought to the International Space Station (ISS) last June. It became part of a NASA experiment to see what foods could be grown in space.

The experiment helped researchers determine what food sources would survive long missions. One of them while traveling to Mars.

The chili that astronauts grow in space is a type of pepper. NASA astronaut Megan McArthur tweeted last week that the crew tasted the peppers, and she mixed the peppers into a taco, mixed beef and veggie fajita.

McArthur called the chili peppers used make “the best space tacos.”

NASA said in July that the peppers would grow for about four months as part of its Plant Habitat-04 investigation.

Quoted Science AlertThis process is the first time NASA astronauts have grown chili plants on the ISS, from seed to harvest.

NASA said the crew would eat the peppers if they looked good, and also kept some to bring back to Earth for study.

McArthur said in a tweet that astronauts had to fill out a survey after tasting the peppers.

McArthur who is a team of astronauts from SPaceX Crew-2 was still on the ISS when the chili was ready to be harvested. They should be home at the end of October before the harvest is ready.

But they are still in space waiting for the weather to improve and awaiting the launch of their aid mission, the Crew-3 mission, according to reports Space.

NASA says growing food in space has logistical benefits over bringing packaged food from Earth, and caring for space plants can have psychological benefits for crews.

It noted that long trips from Earth, including to Mars, “can last for months or even years and have limitations for food supplies.


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