Narco fell asleep on his cell phone, accidentally called the police and they caught him

Narco fell asleep on his cell phone, accidentally called the police and they caught him, that’s how they met in the last hours.

When the authorities came to catch him, they found several psychoactive substances at the site.

Narco fell asleep on his cell phone

A drug trafficker from the municipality of Waldbröl, northern GermanyHe could not believe what was happening to him, after being captured by the authorities. At the time of capture, he and his roommate fell. It all happened when the man fell asleep with the cell phone in his hand and by mistake he repeatedly contacted the emergency service in the region.

When the agents received the calls, they became suspicious because of the late hours of the night they arrived. According to the German newspaper image, the only thing that could be heard was snoring; the police immediately activated the alarms when they believed that a man was in danger and sent a patrol to the scene.

The roommate of the subject who made the calls inadvertently opened the door. Immediately, the agents noticed a strong smell of marijuana and proceeded to make a search. At the scene they seized cannabis, ecstasy, amphetamine, cocaine and a lot of cash.

Both subjects were arrested by the authorities. One for drug trafficking, and the other, for being an accessory to the crime. The drug trafficker in his defense clarified that he had not called any police, and that it was all a pretext to enter his private property, until he was overwhelmed when they showed him his call history.



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