Nantes held back by Le Puy, Angers blocked against Colomiers, video summaries

Zapping Foot National Top10 Ligue 1 Scorers Matchday 14

The 16th day of National 2 again offered a great show this weekend, with big matches in the four groups and in particular within group D. While the reserve of FC Nantes welcomed Le Puy, the young Canaries did not have could have done better than a 0-0 draw. A result which does not help either of the two teams and especially not Le Puy, in the fight for the rise within a very tight group at the top of the table. Both formations still have the same number of points with 25 units on the clock.

Angers blocked

For its part, the SCO reserve of Angers was opposed to Colomiers and the Angevins did not experience more success than the Nantes reserve, with a draw on the same score. The scoreboard remained blank during the 90 minutes and this operation is neither good for Angers, 12th in the standings, nor for Colomiers, 14th and who sees the Montpellier reserve come back to one point after the success against Chamalières.

Summary video
Nantes – Le Puy
Colomiers – Angers

Video summaries of Nantes – Le Puy and Colomiers – Angers

The 16th day of National 2 took place yesterday and the reserves of Nantes and Angers were on deck, with the video summaries of the meetings available now. The two reserves couldn’t do better than a 0-0 draw on either side.


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