Nabilla gives news on her state of health “I relativize”!

Nabilla is doing much better! She has just given news on her Instagram account, after having had health concerns.

Nabilla is at its worst. She immediately rushed to the ER after spending her morning throwing up. But she has just given more reassuring news. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Nabilla at worst

All pregnancies are different. And Nabilla will be able to testify to it. And for good reason ! Her second pregnancy seems much more difficult than the first.

The reality TV star very often complains of pain and difficulty living his daily life as usual. At the beginning of May, she even confided on Snapchat that she lived his last moments very badly!

“So I’m coming to the end of my pregnancy and it’s very complicated for me,” says the star of the small screen. I hurt all over, I don’t feel very well, I’m starting to mope… I still gained 20 kilos, so it’s a bit much. »

“I also have trouble moving around, I get out of breath very quickly, as if I had run a marathon. And then, I’m a bit pissed off. So I want to meet my baby, to continue my life, to play with my son, to regain my energy. »

Nabilla is afraid. She also has a lot of panic attacks. “I wonder how I’m going to get out of this, how I’m going to manage. There are too many things that I apprehend. The meeting between Milann and his sister or his brother, how will my life as a couple go. »

This morning, the young woman therefore woke up on the wrong foot. She has no morals. And his health is in bad shape. We tell you everything below.

More reassuring news

Only a matter of time before Milann discovers his or her little sister/brother. But in the meantimet, his mom is in pain.

Indeed, Nabilla confided that she hurt everywhere: “I’m having a hard time… Too bad everywhere, in the back. I can’t eat anymore, I vomit everything I eat. I’m waiting for the doctors… Courage”.

Her husband also gave the news: “She is sick, she has a high fever. You have everything there, cupcakes, a small compote, tea, medicine, water. There is everything you need. The doctor arrives, he is on the road. »

At the end of the day, Nabilla therefore spoke about her condition. And obviously, she is doing much better. So she held to reassure his community:

“I had food poisoning, then I had small deficiencies here and there… Thank you for your messages. Don’t worry, it’s fine. I know a lot of people were worried. I rest as much as possible. It’s the end of pregnancy so there are all the complications that go with it…”

Among the complications she refers to, back pain, pain in the lower abdomen. But also headaches, fatigue… Good luck Nabilla, the editorial staff send you lots of positive vibes!


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