My way to AI: new video and podcast series on

In every video and podcast episode of “Mein Weg zu KI” we speak to actors from Hamburg’s economy and science who are enthusiastic about artificial intelligence (AI).

We are interested in their perspectives: What is “AI”? How can it be used? What opportunities and risks does the technology hold? Above all, we would like to find out which learning process our interviewees went through: Which people inspired them, which books were the key to understanding the subject, which sources on the Internet are helpful for approaching the topic of AI?

This project is being developed and implemented in cooperation with HOOU, Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg eV (ARIC), TU Hamburg and Multimedia Kontor Hamburg (MMKH).

The MMlab in the MMKH is responsible for the development and production of the video portraits: With short and catchy video portraits of our guests, we want to make clear what they are actually dealing with when they are working on and with AI. In addition, the MMKH carries out the associated communication work in the area of ​​social media.

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