“My game plan was against Real Madrid, not against Tavares”

“My game plan was against Real Madrid, not against Tavares”

Zeljko Obradovic was resigned at the end of the game due to the defeat of his team. During the clash he tried to contain Tavares and Madrid but saw how his team succumbed and the fourth game was forced. The ‘master’ sent a message to his players to get over the defeat and he was proud of the image that Belgrade has left.

bad attack

“Congratulations to Madrid on their victory. Small details decided the game. We started well, but then we didn’t move the ball well in attack, and that’s why we lost the game. We have one more game in front of our people and I would like to thank them for this incredible night” .

proud of its people

“I am very proud of our people and the image that Belgrade has been given. Everyone was waiting for this match, and some people commented that it was going to be hell, a lot of bad things, but finally nothing happened. I am very proud. I will ask them to keep it up. It’s important to play good basketball, it’s important to win the game, but it’s more important to show hospitality so that everyone understands how people are in Serbia. We’re proud of this.”

the party plan

“My game plan was against Real Madrid, not against Tavares. They have 11 other players. We played five against five, not one against one. Of course, we had a plan, and of course, it’s important when you lack a big man, and we know how Mathias [Lessort] it is important to us. But I don’t think that was so important, that our problem was offensive. We didn’t share the ball well, we didn’t make good shots and because of that, we lost the game. We played too slow overall in the second half.”

the fourth game

I believe in what we can do and I believe in these wonderful guys. We will try to do our best in another game in 48 hours.”

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