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Musimani asks Al-Ahly to leave Zamalek to stay in the resort of the rich

by drbyos

Betso Musimini, the technical director of Al-Ahly, asked to leave his current residence in one of the hotels in the Zamalek neighborhood, which is a short distance from the Al-Ahly headquarters on the island, to stay in one of the high-end resorts in 6th of October City, and the technical director of Al-Ahly wants to stay in this resort in search of calm and independence with his family. She is currently staying with him in Cairo.

Musmiani talked with Al-Ahly management recently about leaving the famous hotel in the quiet neighborhood and requesting accommodation in the “rich” resort on October 6, which is home to many of the stars and symbols of society.

On the other hand, Betsu Musimane from Congolese demanded Walter Bwalia, the team’s striker, to be more effective against the opponents’ goal during the next matches, and to strive harder to translate the opportunities that are available to him for goals.

Musimani held a private session with Bwalia after his first participation yesterday in front of Ceramica, which he started with motivational words to the player before moving to talk about some technical issues related to his performance in his first appearance..

Musimani touched in his speech to the player about the opportunity that he wasted before being substituted in the second half, assuring him that he was required to pay it with the right foot instead of the left, and that he had made a good level, but he expected a lot in the upcoming matches..

Seasoniani also assured the player that he would have expected him to score if he was not substituted, especially after the stadium became open as soon as he left, but in the end he was happy with the level he presented in his first participation with the team.

Al-Ahly regained the winning tone again in the local competition after defeating Ceramica with two unanswered goals scored by Mahmoud Kahraba and Walid Suleiman, and the Red Genie is preparing for the Military Production match tomorrow in the seventh round of the League.

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Al-Ahly team defeated Ceramica with a clean double during the match that brought them together yesterday evening, Friday, at the New Suez Stadium in the sixth round of the Premier League championship, and the double was signed by Kahraba and Walid Suleiman, so Al-Ahly raised its score to 13 points and sits on top, while Ceramica remains in seventh place with 7 points .

Walter Bwalia participated with Al-Ahly in a match against Ceramica in the sixth round of the League Championship, in which Al-Ahly won a clean double, so that the Congolese striker scored his first official appearance with Al-Ahly after moving to the Red Castle in January, coming from El Gouna for four seasons, and Walter Bwalya participated in the main Ceramica match. Before leaving the field in the 77th minute, Mohamed Sharif participated in his place.


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