Musician tackled by the brigade. Here is the reconstruction from the videos

Musician tackled by the brigade.  Here is the reconstruction from the videos

GROSSETO. The day after the chaos of piazza Socci, with the musician plated on the ground by the municipal police, the cameras of the Municipality shed light on what happened.

This morning, Thursday 17, a long meeting was held at the municipal police on the incident and all the available images were viewed.

It must be said that the affair has triggered thousands of reactions in the cityour social networks, either Facebook That Instagramhave been peppered with comments, most of it must be said in support of the young musician.

The hashtag was also created #freeparro.

Some Merchants they are also mobilizing to do a petition to ask that the young man be granted authorization to play: «Since there is so little in the centre, he is still a reminder. If he doesn’t exaggerate with the volume, it’s also a pleasure.’

We’ll see how this is handled by the municipal administration.

Meanwhile, the municipal police officer who was reported to the emergency room had one seven day prognosis. But, as we will see, not deriving from the throwing of the lectern as it seemed at first, but from the first moments in which they attempted to “tackle” the young man.

then theinjury is next to the facts.

That’s why the municipal police, who have chosen not to push their hand, will probably limit themselves to one threat report.

Also because the musician, who arrived in command, was very cooperative and explained that he didn’t want to do anything wrong, except a little music.

The cameras explain in detail what happened.

At first, it is around 6 pm on Wednesday the 16th, a municipal police patrol (a man and a woman) approaches the young musician. He asks him for documents, tells him that he has to leave. What has also been done on other occasions, in recent days. Someone around there doesn’t like the music and storms the order of protest phone calls.

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This time a discussion arises, tempers heat up.

The musician first kicks the boxThen throw the lectern, a metal tripod. But it doesn’t hit anyoneif not one motorcycle parked next to it.

At that point one of the two agents goes to grab the lectern, the other calls for reinforcements, who arrive in an instant.

One of the agents arrived at a later time, in an attempt to immobilize the musician, he gets injured and goes to the emergency room. As mentioned, you will have a 7 day prognosis.

Then the tackle and the youngster is brought to the lead. Where he will be released in the evening, after having talked to him for a long time.

The collection of merchants’ signatures

Ad some of the shopkeepers of the course I don’t mind at all that I choose the way to stop and sing. Someone even plans to do a collection of signatures to get him the necessary authorizations to not let him have more headaches.

«In Corso Carducci and in other areas of the center he has never created problems – says a shopkeeper on the street – he is a good boy, always kind. Some of us are thinking of collecting signatures to get him what he needs so that he can sing freely in the center ».

“I don’t know who called the municipal authorities to get them to intervene – says the shopkeeper – but it’s not the first time they’ve checked it and we didn’t expect it to end like this, with so many agents trying to stop a boy. Perhaps he reacted with anger because he was exasperated by yet another check, but he never hurt anyone, we practically all know him here in the historic centre. And not because he has a bad reputation.’

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Some of the residents who witnessed the scene are even more critical.

“I think too many agents have been engaged for an issue that was not worth it. When the municipal was really needed, I didn’t see anyone – says a man – one evening they were dealing drugs a few meters from me, I called, but was told that there were no patrols available. There was one, but not in the city. Just like that evening when I called because we could hear local music in the middle of the night on the other side of the centre. There’s never anyone there.”

Refoundation: «Disproportionate deployment of forces»

The Vittorio Stefanini circle also intervenes on the matter Communist refoundation.

«A bleak and gruesome scene that unfolded yesterday before the eyes of dozens of incredulous and decidedly indignant Grosseto citizens; a situation that sadly brings to mind some episodes that happened in the United States, this time luckily the outcome was less tragic but let’s get to the facts in question».

“In 6 municipal police officers, but there are those who say there were many more, they pounced on a boy playing music in Piazza Socci guilty according to the official version of having thrown a crutch at an officer even though many testimonies present affirm that all this never happenedthey block him, they throw him to the ground, placing themselves on top of him, preventing him from moving and certainly also partially compromising his ability to breathe».

«To this we add other facts in which on our beaches the municipal launches in pursuit of an elderly man guilty of selling towels; we don’t want to go into the merits of both the boy who plays and the old gentleman who sells towels on the beach whether they have violated the rules or not and if so we do not justify this ».

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“However, we want to draw attention to something else, an absolutely disproportionate and unjustified deployment of forces for those situations, all this while the city now has entire areas completely out of control at the mercy of drug dealing, furious quarrels, harassing drunks and so on”.

«However, we do not feel like seeing the same attitude of sheriffs towards what could really be dangerous. We wonder if this is the security so propounded by this municipal administration or demonstrations of force towards absolutely non-dangerous subjects so much to stand out every now and then and absolute absence and desire to protect citizenship where the danger can be real “.

«Everyone draws their own conclusions, for us it is an absolute faila human, social and administrative failure.


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