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Freiburg (dpa/lsw) – In the fight against false certificates for exemption from the corona mask requirement, the Freiburg regional council has made progress according to its own assessment. Many schools would have accepted the help on how to check such certificates, said District President Bärbel Schäfer (independent) on Monday. As an example, she gave a school where 55 certificates from students and teachers were available. Now there are only 9 left.

Above all, Waldorf schools and other free schools are affected, said Schäfer. In the case of state schools, there are only a few cases where certificates are not issued correctly. These are often formulaic and formulated without individual reference to the individual student. The authorities also reported this to the Medical Association.

The district court of Schönau in the Black Forest recently issued a penalty order against a doctor from the Lörrach district because he is said to have issued false health certificates during the corona pandemic.

The administrative district of Freiburg is located in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg, beginning with the districts of Ortenau, Rottweil, Tuttlingen and Konstanz. In the south it borders on Switzerland and in the west on France.

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