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Municipal in 2020 in Seine-Saint-Denis: complaints, defamation … an end of the campaign under pressure

by drbyos
In Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), the candidate Habib Babindamana saw his posters tagged with racist tags. (©Facebook / Habib Babindamana)

The first round of municipal elections takes place on Sunday March 15, 2020 and the end of the campaign, between the candidates of Seine-Saint-Denis, is very tense. To believe that all low blows are allowed between candidates who dream of winning the town hall of their city.

Tearing up posters, defamation on social networks, complaints filed, defamatory leaflets…. Update on what is happening a few days before the first round of voting.

Au Raincy / Blanc-Mesnil

Thursday March 12, 2020, the inhabitants of Raincy (Seine-Saint-Denis) discovered in their mailboxes an anonymous defamatory leaflet against the candidate for elections Claire Gizard, various right.

This leaflet directly targets the head of the list, Claire Gizard, as well as number 2 on the list, Nicolas Rondepierre. She is accused of having been “placed in early retirement” and of “Embezzle public money”. He, chief of staff at the town hall of Blanc-Mesnil, is accused of being “At the center of all the shenanigans”.

Quickly, during the day, complaints were lodged with the police station.

At the Pavillons-sous-Bois

It is not directly a candidate who is targeted but the former mayor of the city, Philippe Dallier Senator LR, who led the town for 22 years. Tuesday March 10, the politician, running mate of the outgoing mayor Katia Coppi (LR), expressed himself via his account Twitter and proposed to offer € 1,000 to the person who would reveal who the author is of the leaflet deemed defamatory which was distributed to residents’ mailboxes.

Indeed, an anonymous leaflet was distributed and in it the former mayor is accused of having created, via a 2017 deliberation, a ” local trade safeguard perimeter ” and “A municipal right of preemption” to help his son open a bakery in the city center, rue Jean-Jaurès.

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It is therefore in a leaflet, in response, that the former mayor decided to clarify things and explain how his son was able to acquire this business. The reward is always to be won.

A Bondy

This is the candidate Sergio Coronado (LFI) who denounces via a video, which he took at Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis), the tearing of his campaign posters. He explains that they are “members of the team of the candidate PS” who give themselves to these practices in town.

It is not allowed to tear up the posters of the candidates on the official panels of the municipality.

A Bobigny

Habib Babindamana, centrist candidate in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), could well file a complaint after the degradation of his posters with racist tags, Wednesday 11 March 2020.

“No monkey at the town hall”, this is precisely what was written on the posters of the candidate for mayor of Bobigny.

For the candidate, “The limits are exceeded”. He knew that the campaign was going to be difficult, “but from not respecting this right to freedom of expression recognized to all, I wonder if the teams which tear down only our posters have the height of spirit necessary to claim to lead. a big city like Bobigny ”.

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